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First of all, WE DID IT! We are a SOLD OUT CLUB and we are off to making the Frog Pond t a magical place for of Pepe dreams and f$%king good times!

We can not thank you enough for your belief in the Bored Pepe Wax Club!!


So far we have built and released a few wonderful ways for the Bored to have some fun. Feeling lucky? Exchange your fungible PEPE tokens for the NFT PEPE tokens and head on over to PEPE'S JOINT JACKPOT MACHINE and win the Golden Green Pepe Blunt!!!

Secondary market claims and Pepe Trait Farms are coming very soon. Heck there is a chance when you are reading this we might already be running.


PeePee's Auction House host special Pepe art created by absolute true  legit Pepe artist. Grand opening announcements and invitations will be coming soon. 

SWAMP FARMS are coming!!! A revolutionary project coming to the BPWC. More details coming soon. (16).gif

What it means to be a Bored Pepe Wax Club Member


Picture this: every Bored Pepe, a mischievous marvel of generative artwork, blending together a whopping 317 traits handcrafted with love and Pepe magic. But here's the twist: the rarity of each trait will only be revealed once the curtain drops on our drop, leaving you on the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting the grand unveiling. 

When you become the proud owner of one of these extraordinary NFTs, prepare to bask in the glory of absolute image ownership! 

That's right, my friends, you own all rights to your Bored Pepe's, granting you the freedom to unleash its splendor in any way your heart desires. Put it on a T-shirt and sell it! Make your Bored Pepe the star of your new video game or a logo for your new company! And you can do whatever you want with your Bored Pepe  without a hint of royalty owed to our humble abode. Embrace the boundless possibilities, dear NFT owner, for you are the master of this whimsical masterpiece, destined to spin your own enchanting tales with no strings attached!

Holding Bored Pepe's come with perks!

- Holders of Bored Pepe's will rejoice in the rewards of 50% from the secondary market sales(not only the secondary market sales from the Bored Pepe Wax Club NFTs, but from all secondary market sales from the entire LeftHouse collection). Holding more Bored Pepe's means more action!

BPWC/LeftHouse Secondary market sales can be claimed weekly at the BPWC Farms on WaxDao. Farm links coming soon.​

- Join the 169ers holders club - The first 41 club members to hold 169 BPWC will become PEPE token whales, and they will be awarded a very special BPWC and Ethereum, which will be stake-able for PEPE token on Ethereum. 

- "Hided Collection PEPE TOKEN Farms" Mint Bored Pepe's with specific trait combinations.  ("Hided Collections" revealed after sell out.)


- Tattoo Class PEPE TOKEN Farms  ("Hided Collections" revealed after sell out.) BPWC PEPE Farms will be revealed July 28th 


Friday July 28th, will be launch the BPWC PEPE Farms as well as


Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 2.16.53 AM.png

But wait there is more!! 

- Bored Pepe Wax Club Token & DOA (Beginning at end of the minting phase)

- PeePee's Golden Auction House! Here you will find very special Pepe NFTs created by some of the most respected Pepe Artist in the crypto space! PEPE only sales and auctions.

- More special surprises to be revealed down stream! 

Get ready for a journey into a fantastical world where Pepe's quirks and jests reign supreme. We have special events planned for the future! Ways to laugh, enjoy friends, and win WAX, or PEPE!

Join us, fellow merrymakers, as the Bored Pepe Wax Club dances its way into your hearts, spreading joy and laughter one digital masterpiece at a time.

Let the Pepe festivities commence!


The Bored Pepe Wax Club was created by LeftHouse. A collection that has been living on the Wax blockchain since June 2021.

See You in the Pond

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Kemit Da Faje Rare Pepe Tube Jump.gif
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