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The LEFT Paper

LeftHouse is a production company that has been focusing on the digital distribution of films, music, and art since 2005. In 2017, the company embarked on a blockchain journey, and today in 2023, LeftHouse aims to disrupt the traditional film/music/art industry and empower independent creators by leveraging the benefits of blockchain technologies and community.

LeftHouse has launched the MovieCityCinema platform(Closed alpha), a watch/play and earn platform for independent film/music/art creators to enhance community engagement. By tokenizing films, film club passes, songs, concert tickets, etc., as NFTs,


LeftHouse is providing creators with new revenue streams, and fans with the ability to own and trade unique pieces of their favorite movies, songs, and more. provides various tools such as the watch/listen to earn distribution model, as well as the play and earn gamification features, which create wider social engagement across the ecosystem. To succeed, LeftHouse must educate the market about the benefits of NFTs and Web3, and establish partnerships with other players/creators in the film, music, art, and Web3 spaces.

LeftHouse's long-term vision is to become a leading platform for distribution, empowering creators to create and monetize their content while providing audiences with a new and engaging way to experience cinema, music, art. To achieve this, LeftHouse is looking to bring cross-chain interoperability into the LeftHouse ecosystem, make it easy for onboarding, and continually innovate and adapt to the evolving Web3 landscape.



- Dummy Bears Release

- MovieCityCinema BETA Launch 

The LeftHouse Team





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