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$LEFT  is a social money token minted by the Roll Network by way of the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC20 standard. 

Social money tokens such as $LEFT, are driven by the community. The lovers and supporters of $LEFT is what gives life to the $LEFT token.

$LEFT stands for LeftHouse, A Film/Music/Art production company that is almost 20 years old.

$LEFT tokens give you creative powers, voting rights, ownership opportunities and exclusivity to the extensive LeftHouse collection of NFT(Non-Fungible Tokens) films, music, and art. 


$LEFT is a token designed to reward the LeftHouse community with engaging incentives and beneficial use cases. Fueled by creating, sharing, and ownership of LeftHouse films, music, and art, the LeftHouse community will have opportunities to thrive and grow with LeftHouse .


The $LEFT Roadmap, incentives, opportunities, and activities listed below, detail what LeftHouse has planned for the future and the community.

The BackStory Of LeftHouse


My name is Brian McGuire. I am a filmmaker, musician, artist, and the creator of LeftHouse.

In 2005, LeftHouse Recordings was born in my bedroom, on my computer. Selling techno tracks, LeftHouse began to gain traction in 2008 when the label put out a release every week, in over 50 online stores.


In 2010 LeftHouse Recordings became LeftHouse Films, as I had started writing and directing feature films under the LeftHouse name. Since then, I have written and produced 7 feature films, with the 8th almost complete and ready to roll out in Q4 2021.


In 2016, I was introduced to crypto and blockchain, and like many, my brain blew up. I saw the future of music, film, and art in a way I had been craving for a long time. A way that included true ownership, real community engagement, and ways to actually help artists and supporters of art. It was then that I first dreamed of tokenizing LeftHouse.


Here is an article I wrote, published on TalkHouse.com, that provides a more detailed account of LeftHouse’s journey as a record label/film production company over the past 15 years.


The Present Story Of LeftHouse


LeftHouse has had a stacked calendar in Q1 of 2021. While our main focus has been on the inception of $LEFT, still many of the LeftHouse projects are live for public consumption and growing in popularity, with other projects nearing completion. Here are a few examples of what is in the works today:



The FutureStory Of LeftHouse


Our goal in 2021 is to take LeftHouse to new levels by way of the $LEFT Token. To make and present the best in art, film, and music to the world. To engage, incentivise, and grow our community with opportunities to be a part of LeftHouse in innovative and creative ways, with potential opportunities to ownership in some upcoming projects to be released from LeftHouse.

The LeftHouse Team


Brian LeftHouse McGuire 

Brian is a creative wizard and the brain at LeftHouse. Brian is known for his films, music and art, across many mediums. Brian has been working in the crypto space since 2016.



Recourier has served as an advisor and or team member on several crypto & NFT projects.  His experience includes being an advisor and community manager in Halo Platform, a team member and public advocate for CryptomonKeys, founder of Upland Comics and co-founder of MetaForce Comics.


Emmet LeftHouse McGuire

As Co-creator of LeftHouse,Emmet has been running the music division as well as post sound production for LeftHouse since 2005.

NFT Creator, Musician, Editor, Power Animal.

Crypto since late 2016.


Mars Utah

Mars Utah and his team at RedPlanet Studios bring a high level of creative talent and skill to the LEFT team adding a high level of quality to LeftHouse. Mars is a Co-creator of Meta Force





2 Power animals makiking a lot

of LEFT go! Artist, Tech Pirates Of Gold.


El Dukey LeftHouse

The older brother to Brian and Emmet. Dukey is an advisor to the LeftHouse team. Dukey has worked in the finance sector with over 20 years in futures and options from the pits to the screens.




Throughout the years, it has been the community that has kept LeftHouse alive and there has never been a time in the history of LeftHouse like now. A time that comes with the highest level of engagement and connection between creators, artists and the community that is LeftHouse.


To become a member of The $LEFT Army and get the most out of your $LEFT tokens, you will want to take advantage of the use cases we are currently providing.   




The $LEFT Discord Channel is our main community hub and is the place where most of the $LEFT activity goes down. A member of the $LEFT army can not function without the $LEFT Discord Channel. 


The “# start here” page will get you help you set up a Roll wallet, and you are ready to collect $LEFT.


Once you have a wallet and some $LEFT, you will be able to join The $LEFT Token Holders Clubs, gain access to exclusive content, community collaborations, token and NFT mining, participate in contests, giveaways, private film screenings, special live musical performances, community events, and find all the information and updates coming from $LEFT. 


One of the exciting features that we have made possible for $LEFT Discord members is $LEFT TOKEN & NFT MINING in the UPLAND metaverse. By simply joining The # $LEFT TOKEN & NFT MINING Channel, fill out the google form, and visit the LeftHouse Mining Properties and start collecting NFTs and $LEFT tokens.





The $LEFT Telegram group is another channel for communication.  The Telegram channel will serve to enhance $LEFT presence in the ever growing WAX NFT community whose projects maintain a significant portion of their community engagement in Telegram.  Having a community channel there allows collectors who prefer Telegram to have an easy onboarding to $LEFT.  The Telegram channel not only allows the easy transition from other NFT projects, it also allows $LEFT to participate in the growing $DUST mining community on WAX.




$DUST is a proof of engagement cryptocurrency token that exists on the WAX blockchain.  The WAX NFT community heavily engages in $DUST mining which is generated by chatting in Telegram groups that have applied and been accepted into the program.  The $LEFT telegram group will be a $DUST mine.  This will encourage the community to engage in the $LEFT group to mine $DUST which will also allow for a gateway to the $LEFT token on Roll.  The $DUST project is currently working on it’s expansion to the Discord platform.  When that happens, being a $DUST mine already on Telegram with gift the $LEFT Discord a jumpstart on integrating into the $DUST ecosystem as we will already be an approved mine operator.


$LEFTLAND- TheUplift.World


The.Uplift.World is A massive multiplayer universe, built on Minecraft, powered by blockchain. This metaverse has a large community cluster of NFT/Crypto Companies such as the CryptomonKeys, Blockchain Heros, Alien Worlds, Meta Forces, Ladz, and many more are hosting large plots of land in the cluster. These NFT/Crypto companies are building out their lands in their themes and artistic styles. $LEFT has a community cluster plot and is in the process of building LEFTLAND! Soon you will be able to mine $LEFT tokens and NFTs from the ground in LEFTLAND. With many activities and ways to engage with $LEFT and the community, LEFTLAND will be the place to go daily for fun and rewards!  



Everyday during the work week, LeftHouse goes live on Youtube from his virtual studio in the Upland metaverse, covering the news around the NFT/metaverse/crypto/art space, as well as feeding the $LEFT community with updates, tips, insights, and chance to win $LEFT tokens and NFTs.  


Throughout the week The Upland News features different “themed” shows:

Monday: The Everything Show

Tuesday: The NFT Music Action Show

Wednesday: Tokenomics & Crypto Features

Thursday: The NFT Film Show

Friday: CryptomonKey Friday





The LeftHouse Crypto YouTube Channel keeps its focus on the most innovative projects in the space. With weekly shows hosting interviews, reviews, discussions, and a monthly $LEFT AMA, keeping the community informed on any major changes and accomplishments within the LeftHouse Universe. 





All major news releases from $LEFT will feed through the MEDIUM & CENT. Cent will also feature opportunities to purchase exclusive $LEFT NFTs. 




The NFT film, music, and art of LeftHouse can be found, purchased, and collected through these outlets, with more outlets coming:




NFT PLATFORM PARTNERSHIP WITH $LEFT: Announcement coming soon.



$LEFT CLUBS are filled with exclusive content and opportunities. To join Clubs hold $LEFT tokens in your Roll wallet.(You will need to link your wallet to the $LEFT Bot) (Bot completion TBA)

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 11.14.38 PM.pn

STUDIO CLUB (1-999 tokens)                                                                                                 

Basic access to all public discord channels, Studio rarity level Rabbit Hole NFTs


CONDO CLUB (1000-2000 tokens)

Access LEFT-RADIO channel,Condo rarity level Rabbit Hole NFTs, LeftPlanet Music NFTs 


McMANSION SUB CLUB (Monthly Subscription 300 $LEFT).

Access McMansion rarity level Rabbit Hole NFTs, Personal $LEFT Member NFT, LeftPlanet Music NFTs, LeftHouse Films NFTs (Moments, Trailers, Short Films, Character Spotlights...) 


Access Mythical Mega McMansion rarity level Rabbit Hole NFTs, Personal $LEFT Member NFT, LeftHouse Theatre channel (Film Screenings), LeftPlanet Music NFTs, LeftHouse Films NFTs. Guaranteed 1 exclusive NFT airdrop per month outside the Rabbit Hole series. 

$LEFT COLLECTOR SUB CLUB (Monthly Subscription 400 $LEFT) 

Subscribe to the Collector Club to be guaranteed all  LeftHouse NFTs released during the month from the various collections, Film, Music, and all art collections coming from LeftHouse.



Submit your work to be selected to be sold at the LEFT ONLY STORE. We wanna work with you!



$LEFT has created the “Locked Art Fund” with a minimum of 500k $LEFT tokens to be awarded to 3 artist who have submitted a project, are holding $LEFT, and get voted on by the community. This prize bag of 500k $LEFT has the ability to grow larger by way of contests and donations over the next year. The total bag of $LEFT will be awarded to the 3 winners equally. 


LeftHouse Film/Music/Art/NFT Production Services 

Hire LeftHouse for film production. Writing, directing, editing, and acting. 

Hire LeftHouse for music production. Sound design, mixing and mastering, and production.

Hire LeftHouse for specialized and/or personalized NFT creations.

Discounted $LEFT rates.


LeftHouse offers film and music production services from Pre to Post-production including writing, directing, editing, and soundtrack scoring. Such services could be paid for in $LEFT which would then activate additional discounts and/or benefits. 


Apply for a grant to have a 10% bonus added to one of your paychecks you earned from a creative freelance job. We will award the 10% bonus in $LEFT tokens to 5 grant winners this year.




Members holding 5000 $LEFT tokens and are subscribed to THE LEFT DAO CLUB, will have voting rights and help shape the path of $LEFT as well earn rewards. 



$LEFT offering Defi and NFT staking programs, coming in Q3 2021 



Q1 2021


  • LeftHouse Token creation and technical setup for $LEFT (Token/NFT exploration & application. Web services/etc. (OpeanSea/WAX/Discord/Telegram/Cent/Youtube/etc) completed and functioning.



Q2 2021

  • Launch of $LEFT HOLDERS CLUBS in Discord

  • Launch of LEFT.DUST MINING in Telegram

  • Launch of $LEFT/RABBIT HOLES MINNING in Upland


  • Release of “The Wild 90” Collection

  • Release of LeftHouse Films “Moments”

  • RABBIT HOLES Collection Release Continuation.

  • The Grand Opening Of LEFTLAND in TheUplfit.World 

  • Relaunch of THE LEFTHOUSE CLAY THEATER in Upland


Q3 2021


  • Release of level 1 of “RABBITHOLE - the Game” - An interactive NFT puzzle of collectible art pieces leading you, down the “RABBITHOLE”  to riches, glory and opportunities to collect special and rare LeftHouse NFTs.

  • RABBIT HOLES Collection Release Continuation.

  • Token Collaboration Project




  • Launch of $LEFT GORENENCE

  • $LEFT Defi


Q4 2021

  • RABBIT HOLES Collection Release Continuation.

  • Release of level 2 of  “RABBITHOLE - the Game”  An interactive NFT puzzle of collectible art pieces. This time, leading you to THE BOTTOM OF THE HOLE!

  • LeftHouse Film: “SECRET UNTITLED FILM”




  • Launch of “Locked Art Fund”


Only a total of 10,000,000 (10 Million) $LEFT will ever be minted. Out of the total supply, Roll takes an initial 1.2 Million for social money ecosystem growth and infrastructure support. A minimum of 4,000,000 (4 Million) $LEFT will be reserved for community issuance and 1,000,000 (1 Million) $LEFT will be reserved for rewarding project founding Chief Partners. (500K) $LEFT will be reserved for “The Locked Art Fund”.  The remaining 3.3 Million will be reserved for future projects and allocations.


The 4,000,000 (4 Million) $LEFT for community issuance can only be earned through a variety of $LEFT community engagement events, as well as participating in events and activities being held by $LEFT. The $LEFT reserved for community issuance will be allocated on a schedule of 50,000 $LEFT per month for a total of 80 months. 


A monthly breakdown of the issuance of $LEFT is as follows: ● $LEFT Community Rewards - 15,000 $LEFT ● $LEFT Holders Clubs & Mining Rewards - 20,000 $LEFT 

A monthly budget of all $LEFT distributed versus budget will be kept during the month and provided for community inspection on a monthly basis. Any remaining monthly balance due to the lack of issuance opportunities will be accrued and used at an appropriate and opportune time for one of the 3 activities above.





1, Scarce currency issuance.

2, Tangible assets.

3, Value retention and capital appreciation of existing LeftHouse assets.

4, Revenue generation through Film/Music/Art/NFTs sales and Film rentals.

5, Further creation and accumulation of valuable NFT/Film/Music/Art assets.

$LEFT will create a virtuous cycle of currency appreciation through the curation, expansion and management of its underlying assets.





Through $LEFT we can create a virtuous and infinite cycle of incremental value. With the increase in the relative value of $LEFT, and its expansion in utility, larger market making sales will result in more liquidity for Film/Music/Art/NFTs  investment. We can move faster, stronger and more profitably together.



The $LEFT tokens are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This Whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction.