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Watch Listen Play & Earn



The Watch, Listen, Play, & Earn, Film/Music Streaming site & Collectible Trading Card Game,

living on the WAX blockchain. 


Movie City Cinema is a NFT/FT eco-system for filmmakers and musicians to grow their communities and fan base by sharing their feature/short films, animations, music videos, or music by way of owning your own "Creator Movie Theater" or "Creator Music Venue". With a "Creator Theater/Venue", you can set up membership club passes, giving your community members access to your latest project. Also, with "Creator Theaters/Venues" you can set up store, host exclusive giveaways, and other earning opportunities. A WATCH/LISTEN & EARN system tailored to your project and community. 


To play the Movie City Cinema game, you must own Movie Theaters/Music Venues, collect Film and Music Posters and stake them to your theaters/venues to earn TICKETS & ACTION Token. Level up your theaters/venues for more gaming opportunities and utility.


How To Play & Earn with Movie City Cinema

First things first!

In order to manage Cinemas in the MCC, you will need an "Alpha Manager", better known as

the ACTION MANAGER. Think of your Alpha Action Manager as the "key" to unlock and play. 

All Action Family ClubCard carrying members will receive an ACTION MANAGER for free!


If you are currently holding an ACTION MANAGER in your WAX Wallet,

login to the MCC website,

click the "MCC PLAY" button,

click the "SHOW MANAGER" tab,

select your ACTION MANAGER,

Now you are ready select a Cinema!  


Click on the Show Cinemas Tab,

Choose and click a Cinema to Stake to the City Block

Now your ready to Choose Posters and "Screening times".


Click on the Show Posters Tab

Click on  Screen Run Times Tab and choose a Screening Run Time period.

Click on a Poster to Stake, and it will appear on the side of your Cinema.

Now wait until your Screening Run Times have ended to collect your Tickets.


TICKETS are an in-game credit which can be used to level your Cinemas and increase its seating capacity and ability to earn additional TICKETS at a higher rate. 

MCC Theater Operators will have the ability to exchange earned TICKETS (an in-game credit) for the ACTION token (a fungible on-chain token) and vice versa on the MCC Swap Page at a predetermined rate.

Special MCC Posters and other items will go on sale for ACTION token only. Strategy is key! 



Watch RABBIT HOLE the Movie in The Rabbit Hole Theater and Earn

Step 1: Create a WAX Wallet


On the Wax blockchain your wallet is the tool that's used to verify your ownership and sign transactions. You can manage your assets right in the wallet, or use it to access 3rd party tools like the Movie City Cinema website. Once your wallet is created, you will have access to the many things the blockchain has to offer.


There are 3 main wallets that you can use on WAX. Any of them will do most of what you want. If this is your first time on a blockchain, or your first time using WAX, the WAX Cloud Wallet is a great way to start.


Another great option is the Wombat wallet. Though still easy to use and a reasonable choice for beginners, it does offer some more advanced selections for those who seek that option. It also allows for cross-chain function with EOS, Ethereum and most EVM chains.


If you have grown beyond managed wallets, or you are comfortable with blockchain wallets and want to manage your wallet security yourself, you can use Anchor Wallet. Anchor is the best option for those who want full access to account security, KEYs, and hardware wallet integration.


For step-by-step guides on how to set up these wallets, please check out this tutorial, courtesy of our partners at MetaForce Comics. The step-by-step can be found at this link. Beginners Guide to WAX


Step 2: Purchase a RABBIT HOLE FILM CLUB PASS via the following  drop link Coming soon.

Now that you are holding the RABBIT HOLE FILM CLUB PASS in your WAX Wallet, 

You are ready to enter the Rabbit Hole Theater.


Step 3: Click on The Rabbit Hole Theater Tab. This will take you to 


Step 4: Click on The Rabbit Hole Theater on the street and you will then enter the Rabbit Hole Theater Lobby. You will find Rabbit Hole collectibles and info about the movie in the Lobby.


Step 5: Click on the Theater doors and now you are ready to sit back and enjoy the feature presentation, RABBIT HOLE, A LeftHouse Film.


While you are enjoying the film, you will earn ACTION TOKEN.


Are you a filmmaker or a distributor looking to own and run your very own movie theater in the MCC? If this is you, Fill out this form (link to form coming soon).

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